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Episode 006 Eye of the Photographer

– Mark talks about his lifelong passion for photography, the importance of lighting and filters, and his preference for black-and-white composition.  He explains why the photographer’s eye, not the equipment, is the key to capturing the essence of a subject, and that anyone can master photography skills through hard work and practice.

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Shooting with a gopro: “Mt. Lowe Cloudy Day 11.20.13″

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Welcome to Oyster 900 Podcast

– This is our very first episode of the Oyster 900 Show with Mark and Adele. As Mark says, because it’s our very first, it’s kind of rough around the edges. We hope you enjoy getting to know us, though, and stay with us as we continue to bring you more shows about many interesting topics and people.

In this episode, we talk about:

• Why Oyster 900 was created, which was to give a voice to those who have something illuminating and worthwhile to say. The idea grew out of many conversations about marketing, entrepreneurship, writing, graphic design, photography, cycling, hiking, healthy lifestyle choices, growing food, urban vs. small town living, and a whole collection of random topics in no particular order. The power of the Internet made it easy to quickly learn something about anything, and led to new interests and new connections, both virtual and local.

Now it’s time to pay it forward. Oyster900 is a platform to share knowledge, entertain, ask questions, and explore new territory. We’ll talk, but we also want to listen. We will start by recording conversations with a short list of invited guests with various areas of expertise. From there, who knows? Do you have a subject you’d like us to take on?  Do you have a recommendation for an interview? Then please contact us.

• Getting to know us. Mark has an “off-the-wall” sense of humor, and warns everyone not to take his humor personally. Mark discusses expanding the knowledge base by learning from individuals, and connecting, sharing, and learning online. Adele, who is also an internet addict, has been an avid reader of books all her life, and believes that lifelong learning is what life’s all about. We hope that sharing knowledge through the show can be educational and beneficial to our listeners. We want to expand the information that’s out there, and hopefully have a lot of fun.

• Mark talks about how a podcast is another way to learn besides reading – the audience has a sense of personalities by hearing a voice, or they can see a visual [for video podcasts]. Mark is a professional photographer, and prefers visual learning.

• We will be meeting and interviewing people, to share with you what we find interesting. We will have individuals on the show with stories to share that we feel may be beneficial to others. We are interested in all kinds of guests, and look forward to talking to lots of different people, including recording conversations with some seniors whose insights into their experiences will leave a lasting legacy. Adele talks about an old tape recording she found of her grandfather’s voice that was priceless to her.

• Things that are really of interest to us: small businesses, local businesses. Mark talks a little about the rollercoaster ride of being a small business owner for the last 19 years. It is something that he very proud of, and would not trade for anything in the world. He talks about his appreciation of client support, and how podcasts can be a good product for small businesses.

• We talk a little about how we approach rehearsing (Mark doesn’t like to rehearse at all!), about blogging, and about our collaboration process.

• Wrapping it up. Mark states that the key thing is that you can’t go wrong if you’re dedicated, and put your time and heart into what you do. (That is what we hope to do with Oyster 900!). We thank you for listening, and invite you back for next time!