Oyster900 was created to give a voice to those who have something illuminating and worthwhile to say. The idea grew out of many conversations about marketing, entrepreneurship, writing, graphic design, photography, cycling, hiking, healthy lifestyle choices, growing food, urban vs. small town living, and a whole collection of random topics in no particular order. The power of the Internet made it easy to quickly learn something about anything, and led to new interests and new connections, both virtual and local.

Now it’s time to pay it forward. Oyster900 is a platform to share knowledge, entertain, ask questions, and explore new territory. We’ll talk, but we also want to listen. We will start by recording conversations with a short list of invited guests with various areas of expertise. From there, who knows? Do you have a subject you’d like us to take on?  Do you have a recommendation for an interview? Then please contact us.

The world is waiting to hear…!

Mark Tran
Adele Field

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