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202 From Los Angeles to Rural Montana

Melstone Montana on Highway 12

Mark and Adele have a conversation about life in the tiny rural Montana town where Adele lives and works. Adele explains why she loves small-town life on the edge of the prairie, and how much she did not love the daily Los Angeles commute she left behind. Even though you have to drive a couple or several hours to get “somewhere,” like for shopping in Billings, or sightseeing in Yellowstone Park, it’s worth it to live in this remote area of Eastern Montana, often referred to as the “last best place” and “God’s country.” The sky is endless and everyone is friendly. Unlike in the City, people you pass on the street actually take the time to stop and talk. Neighbors always help neighbors, because otherwise survival in the harsh weather extremes would be difficult. And the natural landscape is a photographer’s dream. [Recorded March 2015]